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December 5, 2012
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Twilight, Fluttershy, packed up their saddlebags went to go do what they had planned to doing, having a picnic with Fluttershy's animal friends, and they took Moonwing along to, he knew it was because twilight didn't trust him,but Fluttershy was going to invite him, right before the whole questioning session began. He had no idea as to where they were going, but he noticed a lot of trees in the with a in barn the front of them distance, he asked if that is where they were heading to for the picnic they said yes, and that it was called Sweet Apple Acres he had never heard of an apple, he was curious as to what it could be, but kept to himself about it.
They arrived at Sweet Apple Acers and they went into the orchard where there was a checkered blanket already set up and for some reason balloons were set up with it. Then the second they stepped into the clearing, "Surprise!" exclaimed a Pinkie Pie as she seemingly jumped out from nowhere. Moonwing  jumped onto his back yelling, he didn't expect anything like that to happen.
Pinkie Pie: Hey, who's the new stallion? He certainly is jumpy. Tee hee!
Fluttershy :This is Moonwing, he's not from around here so umm...
Pinkie: Ooooo, where is he from?
Fluttershy: I don't know, he never said the name of it… he just said that it was awful.
Twilight while glared at Moonwing, still froze in place on the ground
Twilight: Oh drop the act, how could somepony as sinister looking as you be frightened that bad by that? What is the name of the town you are from?
Moonwing: It has no name, maybe at one point it did, but not anymore, I still shutter at the thought of it…
Pinkie apologized for scaring him and introduced herself. He accepted her apology with a smile now on his face, she held one of her hoofs out-stretched toward him, he didn't know why she was doing it, after a short moment she said, "Come on, don't leave me hangin'. As he put his hoof up to meet her hoof, Twilight swatted it away
Twilight: I don't trust him Pinkie, so no high hooves or touching of any kind, until we know for sure where he came from and what his intentions are.
Just as Twilight finished that sentence Apple Jack, and Big Mac came racing through the trees.
Apple Jack: What in tarnation is goin' on out here, we heard somepony yell. Is everypony ok?
Twilight: Yes, everypony's fine we just had a little surprise curtsy of Pinkie as usual.
Apple Jack: Well that's good to hear… um, Twi, who's that y'all have with ya?
from behind a tree Applebloom appears and stands behind AJ
Moonwing: I'm Moonwing, I'm the one who, uh yelled earlier, sorry if I caused any sort of disturbance.
Apple Jack: Well I'm Apple Jack, and this is Big Mac it's always nice to see a new face around these parts.
Moonwing: It's nice to meet you all too, but who's the filly with the bow in her hair?
Apple Jack: What do ya mee… Applebloom I told ya to wait inside the house, and that it might have been dangerous. Big Mac
Big Mac: Eeyep.
Apple Jack: Can ya please take her home?
Big Mac: Eeyep.
They walked back the way they came until they faded out of sight.
Apple Jack: So why are ya bringin' somepony y'all just met to a picnic?
Twilight: I don't trust him, I mean look at him! He's so sinister looking.
Apple Jack and look at me at the same time to and sees pinkie and I playing with the animals.
Apple Jack: do ya think ya might be over reactin' I mean look at that looks innocent 'nough to me…. Where did he come from anyway?
Twilight: That's just it nopony knows, it was a horrible place, and has no name, at least not now, according to him, but he ran into Fluttershy near the Everfree Forest, so I don't know if I can trust him.
Apple Jack: Well if he did have bad intentions don't you think he would have done somethin' by now sugar cube?
Twilight: I guess, but I have to be sure.
Pinkie Pie: Hay when's the picnic party going to start I'm dying of anticipation over here.
Fluttershy: Yeah, angle's getting kind of  restless over here
Twilight: Soon I just have to settle something first.
Twilight pulls a book from her saddlebag and started flipping through it quickly, she stopped on one page for a few moments and Moonwing could tell his story to Apple jack and Pinkie Pie. He was sure It was a test of some type, so he told it exactly as he had told Fluttershy and Twilight. He noticed a familiar purple glow start up behind him, he ignored it and kept telling his tale. When he finished Pinkie was speechless and slack-jawed Apple Jack just said, "Wow that's quite the story you have there."
Apple Jack: I don't know If I believe him either Twi, you may be right on this one.
Twilight: No, I wasn't, I was using a lie detecting spell, and he wasn't lying at all, he just wants to start over and make some friends, It is a wonder that he has a sound mind after what he went through… I owe him an apology.
Apple Jack: Ok, I'm gonna head back to the farm and see if Big Mac needs my help with the apples we harvested today.
Twilight walked over to Moonwing, and apologized for what she had done to him, He stopped for a moment. He had never heard somepony apologize to him so sincerely before. He accepted her apology after a few moments of disbelief in what he was hearing. Immediately following the apology, Pinkie talked Moonwing to the ground with a loud HOORAY!
Pinkie: A new friend to have loads of fun with! Tomorrow I'll have to make room for a welcome to ponievill party, everypony will be there, and you can meet them all and oooo so much fun!
They were finally able to sit down to the picnic and enjoy themselves except for Pinkie who was bouncing all around, but still enjoying herself. It lasted an hour, or so, and then everypony stared to head for home then Fluttershy brought up a good point, where was Moonwing going to go? he had just came to this place that seemed like a dream come true and he wasn't about to leave it, plus even if he wanted to go to that cave he ran into Fluttershy at, he couldn't remember how to get there because he was talking to her most of the way here. So when they asked him where he was going to stay for the night, he honestly stated "I don't know, any bright ideas?"
Twilight: Well, you could stay with one of us for the night, it'll be like a sleep over. I have some work to do, so can't be over at my house. Fluttershy, would you mind taking him staying at your house for the night?
Fluttershy: Not at all, that is if he wants to…
Moonwing: I do need a place to stay for tonight, I'd gladly accept.
Fluttershy: Well I hope you like animals then.
Moonwing: Like them? I love them!
So he and Fluttershy walked to her house, by time they got there the sun had just gone down. It was just bright enough to see the cottage and all that surrounded it, it was breath takingly peaceful. Moonwing was in awe by the place. To him, this was paradise, and it was even better on the inside. Fluttershy said that it had been a long day, was going to turn in for the night. That didn't sound half bad, if he could get to sleep, he was so excited to be in a place where ponies were nice for a change, but eventually he did find rest and it was the best sleep has had in a while.
there is a lot of dialog in this part of the story. If you want me to continue the story let me know in the comments 20 people wanting me to continue this would be great, 15 people is the bottom line though.
I stopped it here, because I didn't want to ramble on too much...
Good newws about 80 people said they want part three, so don't worry, it is in the making.:squee:
thank you all so much.
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There is a part 3 and more are coming, so don't worry
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I am actually looking for a illustrator for the stories
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I will
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Thanks for the Fav, and actually you my dear friend are #4 I tried to make it like an episode, so thanks
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